Monday, November 18, 2013

Sophie turns 1!

Our little miss Sophia turned one on the 6th....can't believe a year has already flown by! 
She is FULL of personality! When she's in trouble she puts on her sweetest smile, looks up at me and says, HI! and starts offering kisses! They sure do learn fast! 
Things she says: Hi! (ALL the everyone...even walking down the grocery store isles!), Night-night, Da-da!, Momma, Mamaw (Grandma), Duuuu! (Duke, our dog), No, uh-oh, ees (please), tin-tu (thank you) Noooo (nose). There may be more but that's all I can remember right now! She also makes the cow, elephant, kitty, dog, and tiger sounds. 
On the 10th we had a birthday party! 
The cakes...
Thanks to my sister-in-law Erin for the petal cake idea! It was really easy...just time consuming! 

Soph filled up on manicotti and wasn't too thrilled about her cake! She makes this face when she knows that flash is coming! 

Grandpa and Grandma Leman
So blessed with dear friends and family! We were even able to Skype with my family in Haiti! It was the best Skype connection I've ever had! 
The boys were so excited to come! Dave (on the left) told me several times in church, "We are coming to your house tonight!" 
Sophie's friend Harper helps her figure out how to unwrap presents! 
Thank you all for the sweet gifts! 
Aunt Tif made her a handmade/sewn quiet book!
 A zoo book from Aunt Alisha! 
Happy birthday Sophie! Daddy and I love you so much! We pray that you will grow up to be a virtuous woman of God! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mark Alan

After Alisha and Brent's wedding, we were privileged to have my brother Mark travel back to CO and stay with us for 10 days! It was so fun to have all that one-on-one time with him! pictures, but we took Mark to Water World for his 16th birthday. We had a lot of fun! The weather was great and the lines weren't too long. (The last time we went to Water World was with Alisha and I was preggo so needless to say, I was able to enjoy a lot more rides this time!)

Crazy Uncle Mark :) 
My little treasure :)
The wildflowers were lovely! (Plus had to get a pic of our trusty Jeep!) 
A MOOSE! Finally my first moose-in-the-wild spotting....and with Mark! 
 Chillaxing with Uncle Mark! Mark was really helpful with stuff around the house and watching Sophie too!

 Somebody turned 9 months in August! 
 Silly wrinkly nose :)
 Then towards the end of Mark's visit, these two crazy lovelies came! Heather (L) and her dog groomer (who works at Heather's dog boarding business) Megan. We had a fun time with them! 
Mt. Evans.
 And...they brought....DUKE! Our dog! We found him at Heather's shop when we were out for Alisha's wedding...and Heather so kindly offered to drive him out for us! Thanks again! We appreciate it so much!!!
Mark ended up driving home with the girls. Thanks for coming Mark! We loved having you stay! 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Flatland, A Wedding, A Family

 This past trip to Indiana for Alisha and Brent's wedding fantastic. It was probably the most relaxing and fun trip I've had back to my old home! Maybe it was the fact that we weren't busy harvesting...but whatever it was, it was great! So much time with family and friends in places that pull at my heart strings!

The festivities began with a small graduation party for Alisha...

 Then my dear cousin Sandra and I put on a personal shower for Lish...
Thanks again Sandra for all you did! I couldn't have done it without you!
Ps...if anyone out there needs planning advice...Sandra is AMAZING! She's so creative!

 More festivities! Mark turned sweet 16 while we were there! 
 I got plenty of help with Soph! Sweet memories with Auntie Alisha!
 Sophie getting some deep wisdom from Great Grandma Gutwein...or maybe its "This little piggy"!?!
I was so thankful and excited about some good ol' lake time with family! It was so special to finally (after 3.5 years of marriage!) share it with Dan! The lake holds many precious memories to me! 
Sophie taking a dip...
 And drying off!

 Good memories...
 Yes folks, that's my hubby! First time up on a wakeboard...lookin' good babe! 
I got to appease my "water skiing itch" as well....ah, felt so good to be flying across the water again!
 Sophie's first boat ride! She loved it!
 This is Derek's first attempt at wakeboarding as well...he got up on his first try! Way to got bud!
 Soph enjoying her first real experience with corn on the cob! Yum!
Setting up for the wedding reception!
We had a day of family pictures! (still need to get them from post later) Mark and Tricia were even there from FL with their gorgeous girls! 
The day arrived...getting up early to get ready at the fellowship hall...don't we just look lovely?!?!?
Lish, you were a stunning bride! 
My two loves ready for the big day!
 Two spiffy looking gents...bow ties intact! 
 Alisha and her mom....
And her new mother-in-law!
The reception hall
 Sisters :)
 The bridal party...the photographer was splendid! 
 They are beautiful together...period. 
 Our family has grown! Brent, we just want to say a big WELCOME! We love you so much are so thankful for the love you and Alisha are perfect together! 
On a side note...when we were in Haiti this past April/May, Dan commented to me about how close he felt to Brent. I agreed with him! We felt that we just had a weird but special bond with him! The night before we flew back to the USA, Alisha told us about the proposal she had from him....and now the "weird but special" bond makes a little more sense! 
 Our little bundle of JOY!
Taking a load off before the service! There might have been discussions about the butterflies in our tummies! 
 Uncle David! Soph looks quite pleased to see him too! 
 SO happy to see this guy! (yes, he's really that tall!) Ron Shick is one of my hero's. I've looked up to him since a little girl in Haiti where he and his wife Linnea served for many years. 
 The grand exit...on their way to Kauai, Hawaii! 
Sophie and Sandra's little girl, Ellie, playing together while their mommies help clean up!
 After the wedding hubbub and a day or so of recuperating, we went to Indiana Beach! 
My parents and Mark braved the Sky Coaster! 
 A. Joan came with us! She's right there with us going on the craziest of rides! She's cool like that... :) 

 I loved catching up with my cousins! Joy and her two lovely girls...Sophie and their youngest, Jacki, are about 3 months apart! 
 We were able to hang out with Luke and Dani (and baby in belly!) and Jake and Mel as well! Such dear friends...I love being with you two beauties! 
Since this picture, Baby Owen was born to Luke and Dani!!!!
And....Jake and Mel have announced they are expecting a little one next April!!!!
 My long-time friend Meagan and I got together with our two littles and felt like our mothers and we got together for lunch! :) Ooops, no picture. :(

We buzzed out for a couple days to see Dan's Roanoke relatives and some friend It was great catching up with Caleb, Erin and sweet little Graysen, Grandpa Hodel, Gail and girls (Ed was traveling! :( ), The Bauman's, some of Dan's distant cousins who were visting, Fred, Jodi and Letty, and Heather! (and finding our new dog at her boarding shop!)
Cousins Sophie and Graysen! 

Whew! What a trip! A very blessed one.